Readers Write: Bullies Need Mental Health Help, Too; Peace Resonates; Good Ideas Are Contagious

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And while we’re at it, let’s identify the bullies, too, and offer them the mental-health services they also need. Lynne Crowley Larchmont, N.Y. A message of peace that resonates Thank you for the Oct. 7 Common Ground, Common Good commentary feature on the work of Ronny Edry (” Interview: a heart-to-heart between Israelis, Iranians “).
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Hidden barrier to mental health treatments in community health centers

None of these changes are overly complex or very costly, but they do require that we look past the individual conditions and treatments and implement the integrated care and community services and supports that were envisioned in the Community Mental Health Act 50 years ago. About Magellan Health Services: Headquartered in Avon, Conn., Magellan Health Services Inc. is a leading specialty health care management organization with expertise in managing behavioral health, radiology, and pharmacy benefits programs, as well as integrated health care programs for special populations. Magellan delivers innovative solutions to improve quality outcomes and optimize the cost of care for those we serve.
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50 Years Ago, a Start to the Mental Health Conversation; 50 Years Later, Still Further to Go

The policy is known as same-day billing . This restriction affects individuals who seek medical care with co-occurring behavioral concerns. Many people are unaware of how mental health and medical policies work. They may visit a community for medical purposes with secondary behavioral concerns but only one treatment can be billed for reimbursement. Therefore, many mental health conditions are overlooked. An extreme example would be if an individual sought help at a community health center for cuts requiring stitches, which would be the primary (presenting) problem. The underlying issue is that these cuts were self-inflicted, a behavioral issue that would be considered secondary.
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